Naming the Zitar:A Zitar is an Indian electronic musical string instrument much like a mix between the traditional sitar and a modern electric guitar. This name was inspired by the contemporary Indian cusine at Zitar which takes classic flavors and dishes from all parts of the country and presents them in pre-plated, modern ways.

Featuring seating for 110 people, the restaurant has two sections – one laid out as a typical fine dining restaurant, with fine cutlery, clean lines, evenly spaced furniture, and contemporary decor.
The lounge in Zitar is called “The Bathtub” and has a bar counter with a full-size tap. Designed with minimal decor, controlled lighting, and a small stage for live performances.

ClientRAS HospitalityServicesNaming, Identity, Branding, InteriorsYear2013TeamChaitanya Modak, Dharmesh Karmokar, Sandeep Nadkar

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