So how do you dine at a deaf and hard-of-hearing establishment if you don't know sign language? The menu will help you along. The process is simple—all menus list not only the food available, but portion sizes and other eating paraphernalia like salt, pepper, spices, sauces, and even cutlery. Every point of information has an accompanying illustration that depicts the hand-gesture for the same in sign language. Diners are required to simply mimic these hand-gestures to place their orders." As an extra safeguard, every plate comes with a placard that's labeled with the name of the dish.
The Menu is a graphics-based matrix that lists all 72 items on a single page without clutter.
In Indian sign language ‘India’ is represented by pointing towards the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows where women wear the bindi. The emphasis is on the feminine with resonance with the nurturing aspects of feeding and taking care.

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