Facing the four cardinal directions and open to the four ordinals, the identity for the big door harks back to the idea of an auspicious passage into a fortress.

We have a thousand and one stories to tell you.This is just the first.

Accompanying the identity is the conch-flower pattern inspired by the first sign of greeting in any Indian household – the simple rangoli. Look closely and you will find that within its graceful curves are the auspicious marks of a swastika and the resounding Om of a shankh.

We introduced the brand in Mumbai through well-placed magazine ads.

Identity and brand communication for a sprawling store at the foot of Pali Hill, Bandra, Mumbai retailing collectibles and jewelry by master craftsmen from Rajasthan.

ClientTrusthouse Realty & Retail Pvt. Ltd.ServicesIdentity, Branding, CommunicationYear2014

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