What is CHA? The videos below show how the letters "C," "H," and "A" of CHA Dimsum House are formed.

The pacman-shaped letter "C" of CHA chomping, chowing and munching down on tasty dim sum and other little bites that cross its way.
In China, dining and socialising over dim sum might go for several hours. Friends, relatives, and visitors gather at the low table that makes up the H of CHA. In this private setting they share joys, sorrows, and juicy rumours.
The non la (leaf hat), a potent emblem of Vietnamese culture and food, is used to signify the devoted server and forms the letter "A" in the acronym CHA.
A stomach full of small bites and light bites. CHA is a specialty Dim sum House at Phoenix Palladium in the heart of Lower Parel, Mumbai. CHA is visualized as an enlightened monk who serves you more than 30 varieties of dim sums alongside great ice teabubble teas and fresh juices. CHA also has a younger sibling called Cha Cha Cha in Bengaluru and Pune which serves stir fry and noodles in addition to Dimsums…
Menu Design for CHA Dimsum House Mumbai by Chaitanya Modak

The CHA Brand identity comes together as a seamless experience right from the menu at the table to the walls to let you ‘Dimsum your way to enlightenment’.

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