The product definition was the starting point to coin the ‘Petopoly’ brand name. The name captures the essence of the process and playfully conveys the environment-friendly nature of the B2B product.

Petopoly® reduces our dependence on petroleum, lessens CO2 emissions, requires no chemicals other than the detergents needed to clean input materials, needs up to 40% less water and still matches all the qualities of virgin polyester fiber! Pet waste collection – both organized and unorganized – simultaneously generates employment for thousands of people across urban and semi-urban cities and towns in India. The tagline distills these core benefits as the brand values of Recycle. Revive. Revert.

Petopoly® is a recycled polyester fiber, that reduces dependence on non-renewable natural resources and helps the environment by keeping bottles and plastics out of landfills.

ClientDodhia GroupServicesstrategy, naming. identity. communicationYear2019

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