Waeo: The Music app

Brand Identity and app interface for the WAEO music and party playlist app.

The ‘W’ is inspired from the popular Fido Dido caricature. This is meant to add the ‘funky’ characteristic to the entire logo and personify the primary focus of personal usage of the app – and the single headphone is meant to personify a music lover or a DJ. It also doubles up as a hand making the devil’s horns gesture – in case you didn’t notice that yet. The form of ‘A’ & ‘E’ are meant to signify connectivity. The ‘O’ at the end is meant to represent many things at once – through it’s coloration, it embodies a vinyl music record; it’s bilateral form also represents a DJ’s turn-table and, finally, it’s stylization in the full word is meant to build the form of a stereo boombox.

Waeo app logo by Chaitanya Modak