The Petopoly® project had a total turnaround time of three months. It encompassed four components: Creation of a suitable name and tagline, market testing and research, brand identity creation and packaging.

A competitive market scan revealed four other players big and mid-sized that have been operational in the same space. Each had different strengths that they were playing from. What was the USP of Petopoly®? 

The name had to consider three things – the Indian origins, the recycled nature of the product (core USP) and had to be catchy and easy to pronounce. Extensive discussions were had with the R&D, marketing and management teams at Dodhia Synthetics. The name variations were tested with vendors and suppliers of the group over a three week period. The Petopoly® name emerged as a clear winner.

Petopoly® reduces our dependence on petroleum, lessens CO2 emissions, requires no chemicals other than the detergents needed to clean input materials, needs up to 40% less water and still matches all the qualities of virgin polyester fiber

BRAND IDENTITY: The final identity reflects on the three primaries of Recycle, Revive and Revert. The turquoise green reflects on the values of a truly ‘green’ product. The loop around the ‘O’ and the pun in the name come full circle.

PACKAGING: Petopoly® is a B2B product and there were safety and government compliances to be considered in the design. Design of a minimal industrial cardboard box pack in three sizes was delivered.

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