Film: Healers Of Dharavi

“Healers of Dharavi” was an exhibition in the Alley Galli Biennale, a three week long arts and well-being festival that took place in early 2015 in Dharavi. It features a series of eight portraits covering a spectrum of health practitioners in Dharavi, right from a general physician to a faith healer. The portraits were made by local self-taught artists, who specialise in hand-painted signs. Capturing some of the moments of the exhibition, this film is homage to what it means to be a health practitioner and an artist in Dharavi.

Script, Direction & Editing: Chaitanya Modak
Dir. of Photography: Philipp Eyer
Research: Benita Fernando and Sitaram Kharat
Healers of Dharavi Curator: Supriya Menon
Production Company: Bambai Ki Billi
Shot in Dharavi, March 2015