script / storyboard / edit / direction

Film: Healers Of Dharavi

“Healers of Dharavi” was an exhibition in the Alley Galli Biennale, a three week long arts and well-being festival that took place in early 2015 in Dharavi. It features a series of eight portraits covering a spectrum of health practitioners

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Raktabahuli Video: The Blood Doll

While it may sound like it’s straight out of a horror flick, the raktabahuli is used for healing rather than terrifying. Usually a carved figurine made out of red sandalwood, the Blood Doll is used in Central and South India

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Block, block prints, mental blocks… Unblock. What are the moments that form darkness and light in our lives? A video made for presentation at the upcoming Dharavi Biennale in February 2015

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Asian Paints Product AV’s

A series of Audio Visuals across the six product categories for Asian Paints. Giving a gist of paint-product features, benefits and application procedure.

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Enaya Insurance

VIsualisation / Storyboards / Editing of this 30 sec. animation for the Enaya Insurance Company, Kuwait

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Hush SMS

Visualisation / editing for this 90 sec. animation.

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Sunandala Athavtana

Remembering Sunanda… a biographical account on the life of Sunanda Awachat.

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Voices of Kutch

A film on Radio Ujjas- an experiment in radio programming done with community participation by the Kutch Mahila Vikas Sanghatan, Kutch, Gujrat- revolving around the story of a little girl and a radio she receives as a gift.

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‘Bhugol’ may literally translate to geography but it also directly states that the world is a sphere. The quest for one man to find the edge of the earth is the escape of another.

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Sparrow’s Tears

What eludes her? Something she has lost or what she cannot find? ‘Sparrow’s Tears’ is an attempt to use digital video creatively to bring to mind images and emotions of a little girl and water.

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